Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's Raise Money for your Rescue!

Hi, I'm Robin Zebley, an American artist specializing in portraits of pets and children, animal art...every living thing!. I am always approached by rescues who would like me to help them raise much needed funds with my artwork. I love to do as much as I can to help as many groups as I can! Here is how:


Send me an email that you'd like to join my Rescue Pal Group and a 3-5 week timeframe you'd like to run this fundraiser. I'll check my schedule and we'll plan it together. Sorry, no fundraisers between December 17 and January 7. (My Christmas break!)

Your rescue promotes your fundraiser to all your friends and family.  Some suggestions: Twitter, email, postcards, press releases, facebook, myspace, flyers, etc. I would suggest both within your group and outside of your group.

I will donate 25% of all purchases upon the completion and final payment of each portrait. (I DO do them one at a time!)

Ex: Ten people order a large portrait. Your rescue would receive $$575.00 (25% of ten portrait commissions).

Commissions can be of pets, children, adults, houses, boats, etc. I price by size.

I do raise my prices periodically. I will not, however, raise prices during your fundraiser.

I will also promote your fundraiser via my blog, my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, etc.

To be successful, we'll both have to work at promoting, me promoting AND doing lots of work!!  It's a fundraiser you can do at any time, buyers will get the same quality work I do for full price, and best of all the animals benefit!  If you're interested, just let me know. Email me

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